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SUMMER 2018 

// Santa Fe, New Mexico

(Mirko Tobias Schaefer [CC])

Rethink How We Conceptualize:
Writing (Process), Digital Literacy, and the Digital Divide


Consider How the Dominance of Screens Affects Reading


In Gunther Kress's influential Literacy in the New Media Age, we are provoked to think critically about the role of visual literacy.


Analyze the rhetorical effect of different modalities.


Alphabetic, visual, aural, oral, and gestural modes affect audiences/readers in different ways that provide strategies to appeal to emotions, logic and credibility.


Re-examine the History of Multimodality in Writing


Jason Palmeri's text asks us to recognize the rhetoric of literacy crisis and how concerns over technology in the classroom hide the tradition of visual, oral, aural and gestural modes in writing pedagogy.


(Re)mediating Teaching Philosophies


Like teaching, when deciding on the practices and styles of technological implementation, being able to articulate purposes, goals, and beliefs is crucial.


Look at Practical Strategies for Implementing and Evaluating Multimodal Texts


Writer/Designer provides step-by-step processes for navigating the process of analyzing, creating, and evaluating multimodal texts.


Compose Multimodal Texts that Visualize & Communicate Teaching Philosophies


Through our own use of technology, we will critically articulate philosophies with regard to teaching.

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