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Rhetorical Aspects of Storytelling:
Traditions, Purposes, and the Genres


Diverse Storytelling Traditions


How have scholars of color spoken about digital technology 'beyond the divide'?




Composing Our Own Digital Stories


Learning can be most effective when we learn through experience, so we will compose and reflect on our own stories.



Compose Activities


Drafts ways of thinking about and implementing culturally relevant digital storytelling into the classroom.

Look at Practical Strategies for Implementing and Evaluating Multimodal Texts


Writer/Designer provides step-by-step processes for navigating the process of analyzing, creating, and evaluating multimodal texts.

Assessment Matters


We will read from scholars on digital writing and consider practical and conceptual aspects of evaluating student digital compositions.

Analyze the rhetorical effect of different modalities.


Alphabetic, visual, aural, oral, and gestural modes affect audiences/readers in different ways that provide strategies to appeal to emotions, logic and credibility.

SUMMER 2017 

// Santa Fe, New Mexico


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